The president’s twilight years. Narrative How Vladimir Putin is here to stay forevermore
Михаил Рубин, Ольга Чуракова, Роман Баданин
Coca & Co. Investigation How Russia secretly helps Evo Morales to win the fourth election
Роман Баданин, Maria Zholobova, Ольга Чуракова, Михаил Рубин, with the participation of Yulia Apukhtina and Daniil Sotnikov
Russian diplomatic students are recruited by the intelligence services — sources. Notes
Редакция «Проекта»
Liberal Democracy, LLC. Family of Eccentric Russian “Loyal Opposition” Leader Owns Millions in Undeclared Property
Юлия Лукьянова, Михаил Рубин, Maria Zholobova, Роман Баданин
Master of Puppets. Portrait The Man Behind the Kremlin’s Control of the Russian Media
Михаил Рубин, Maria Zholobova, Роман Баданин
The Kremlin’s Elder. Notes How the Russian government fell in love with mysticism
Михаил Рубин
Master and Chef in Africa. How Russia interfered in elections in twenty countries
Илья Рождественский, Михаил Рубин, Роман Баданин
The Aliyevs’ Nest. The Family of Azerbaijan’s President Has Found a Home near Moscow
Maria Zholobova
Master and Chef. How Evgeny Prigozhin led the Russian offensive in Africa
Илья Рождественский, Роман Баданин
An ordinary guy with a big last name. of Igor Putin, the president’s cousin, who figured out how to make money on the most famous last name in Russia
Maria Zholobova, Роман Баданин, Наталья Телегина
The Secret Folio. How the nerve agent “Novichok” was created and tested on human beings
Илья Рождественский
The Absolute Soviet Man. of Konstantin Kilimnik, Russian patriot and Paul Manafort’s buddy
Maria Zholobova, Роман Баданин