The father of the heir to Vladimir Putin faced problems in the Netherlands

May 25, 2023    Русская версия

The Dutch National Public Prosecutor’s Office for Financial, Economic and Environmental Offences has seized a plot of land on the outskirts of Amsterdam, owned by Jorrit Faassen, Proekt, Follow the Money and The Guardian found out on Thursday. Faassen is Vladimir Putin’s ex-son-in-law. The plot of land, worth around half a million euros, was originally owned by a company linked to Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

Йоррит Фаассен

On May 12th, The Dutch National Public Prosecutor’s Office for Financial, Economic and Environmental Offences (Functioneel Parket) seized the plot of land in Duivendrecht, owned by Jorrit Faassen, documents from the Dutch cadastre show.

In 2013 Faassen bought the land in Duivendrecht, and in the summer of 2021 he applied for a permit to build one residential house and six small office buildings.

According to a “very reliable” source from Proekt, Faassen was “recently” interrogated at Schiphol on suspicion of sanctions evasion. A spokesman for the Marechaussee said he was not aware of any such interrogation. Other sources within the investigative services have heard rumors of an interrogation of Faassen, but cannot confirm anything.

According to lawyer and sanctions expert Heleen over de Linden, the seizure indicates that Faassen is likely the target of an investigation, although the exact reason for the seizure cannot be ascertained from the public documents.

Faassen married Maria Putina, daughter of the Russian president in 2008 but they have reportedly split up. Faassen and Putina have a 10 year old son together, Russian media reported in 2022.


Faassen’s name doesn’t show up in public records regarding the plot of land, until 2019. The land was originally bought by a Dutch company called Molenkade Ontwikkeling BV. The sole shareholder of Molenkade Ontwikkeling is a company based on Cyprus, called Gietrin Investment Limited. It is known to be owned or controlled by Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, personal friends of Putin.

Last year, Follow the Money spoke to Thomas Grentzius, who was the director of Molenkade Ontwikkeling BV from 2013 until 2019. He says that he was personally instructed by Jorrit Faassen to act on behalf of the company and to have the company buy the land. Grentzius is married to Faassen’s cousin but said that he only learned years later that Faassen was married to Maria Putina. Grentzius didn’t want anything to do with Faassen anymore and quit the company in 2019. He says he hasn’t been in touch with Faassen since.

After Grentzius quit, Faassen himself became the director of Molenkade Ontwikkeling BV himself. Acting on behalf of the company, he sold the land to himself for 450.000 euros.