The Project is an independent Russian media specialising in in-depth journalism. Here are some of our pieces translated into English.
Special Project
Mariupolis. A Report on Who, How and Where Killed Lithuanian Filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius
, , при участии Михаила Маглова
Special Project
Novy Mir. A Guide to Russian Media in the Times of Total Censorship
, with Mikhail Rubin, Roman Badanin, Katya Arenina, and other Proekt's authors
Special Project
Unnatural Numbers. Part Two. A story on how sociologists made Russians love Putin and the war in Ukraine
, при участии Михаила Рубина и Романа Баданина
Special Project
Go-getters. Investigation on how the Chekists privatized the national wealth
, , , , with Ivan Vasiliev
Special Project
Some fight to the last ditch while others get rich. A Guide to the Ukrainian War
The Project Team
Special Project
Investigation for Vladimir Putin's 70th birthday
The Project Team
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