The Project is an independent Russian media specialising in in-depth journalism. Here are some of our pieces translated into English.
Special Project
Advisory board. A guide on Putin’s experts
Katya Arenina, Alexei Korostelev, with contributions from Mikhail Rubin, Mikhail Maglov, Roman Badanin and other Proekt journalists
Special Project
His War. A film explaining how Putin started the war against Ukraine in 2014
Andrey Zakharov
Special Project
Trust-Based. Portrait of Vladimir Osechkin, a human rights entrepreneur
Katya Arenina, with participation of Mikhail Rubin
Special Project
Life and Morals of the P. Era. A tale of a presidential aide, his devout wife, their secret earnings and kidnapped Ukrainian children
Mikhail Maglov, and other journalists of Proekt
Special Project
Lapdogs of war. A guide to Russia's wartime oligarchs
Vitaliy Soldatskih, Ekaterina Reznikova, Roman Badanin, with contributions by Katya Arenina
Special Project
Chef and Chief. Portrait of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the personal sadist of the Russian president
Andrey Zakharov, Katya Arenina, Ekaterina Reznikova, Mikhail Rubin, with contributions from Roman Badanin and other journalists of The Project