The Project is an independent Russian media specialising in in-depth journalism. Here are some of our pieces translated into English.
Special Project
Real Agents. The portrait of German Gref, Russia's most liberal kleptocrat
Vitaliy Soldatskih, Mikhail Rubin, Roman Badanin, with contributions from other journalists of The Project
Special Project
The House of Little Fame. The Tale of Kremlin’s Fight Against the Bad News
Katya Arenina, Mikhail Rubin, with Roman Badanin
Special Project
Mariupolis. A Report on Who, How and Where Killed Lithuanian Filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius
Dmitriy Durnev, Yulia Balakhonova, при участии Михаила Маглова
Special Project
Novy Mir. A Guide to Russian Media in the Times of Total Censorship
Yulia Balakhonova, with Mikhail Rubin, Roman Badanin, Katya Arenina, and other Proekt's authors
Special Project
Unnatural Numbers. Part Two. A story on how sociologists made Russians love Putin and the war in Ukraine
Katya Arenina, при участии Михаила Рубина и Романа Баданина
Special Project
Go-getters. Investigation on how the Chekists privatized the national wealth
Mikhail Maglov, Roman Badanin, Maria Pevchikh, Dmitriy Sukharev, with Ivan Vasiliev
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