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Why donate? Proekt is the only media outlet in Russia that focuses exclusively on investigative journalism.

You may not have read our investigations, but you are bound to have heard of them: we are proud to have exposed the wealth of Vladimir Putin’s secret family; uncovered covert operations of Russian mercenaries abroad; and revealed the real scale of the COVID-19 epidemic in Russia.

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Proekt made quite a splash when it ran a story about an alleged lover of Putin’s

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Proekt is among several that have released a string of exposés in recent months about Mr. Putin’s family and his romantic life.

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Proekt is one of a handful of plucky new independent outlets challenging the Kremlin.

This is dangerous work. In recent years, Russian authorities have singled out Proekt as their target, resorting to pressure and defamatory attacks in a blatant attempt to shut us down. But we believe that our readers have the power to counterbalance this pressure.

Your support will not only make an important contribution to independent journalism in Russia, but will also help inform a global audience about what is really going on in our country.


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